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Residential Title and Settlement Services for Pennsylvania

Title insurance policies are designed to help protect people who purchase property from loss. A loss can mean several things:

  1. Defective titles
  2. Liens
  3. Encumbrances

Generally speaking, title insurance is designed to ensure that what you are buying from the seller is what you will actually get, and that the sellers have the right to sell it to you in the first place.

There is a one time fee associated with the purchase of a title insurance policy and that policy is in effect for as long as you or your family own that property. While some components of the fee are standardized and regulated, other components are not.

To ensure that there are no issues leading up to the closing of a home purchase, title insurers conduct exhaustive research on a property, looking at background checks, public records, etc., to ensure that the transaction is clear of any issues.

Should any issues come up either during or after the purchase of your home, you are protected from any potential loss, including legal fees.

Title insurance agents are almost always present at a closing. Title agents will sit with you during the entire closing process to ensure that everything checks out, and that your interests are protected every step of the way. If at the closing any issues arise, a title agent can stop the closing before any legal transaction takes place and you are financially endangered.

You Have a Choice

Most mortgage brokers, banks and/or agents refer their clients to large, standby title agencies or an in-house service to speed up the process of clearing title. It is also a way for the agency to make money through fees that are often inflated and unnecessary. It is crucial to know that a consumer can choose whatever title insurance company they feel most comfortable with. Typically, this is an agency that is focused on their interests and come at a significant cost saving.

Principle Abstract and Settlement Services has conducted thousands of title searches for the Bucks, Montgomery county areas and beyond for nearly 20 years and focuses exclusively on the financial security and piece of mind of their clients.

Our team prides itself on the reputation we’ve built within the communities we share with our clients.

Ready to learn more about Principle Abstract or wish to get started? Call us now for free consultation.

Principle Abstract Settlement Residential Title Search Services Pennsylvania
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